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niceEshop(TM) Chinese Style Brocade Fabric Bamboo Charcoal Computer Hand Pad /Mouse Cuffs Pad /Mouse Hand Pillow Mouse Wrist Pad +Free niceEshop Cable Tie

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Introductions about the bamboo charcoal:
The bamboo charcoal is a kind of carbon forms in nearly 1000¡ã high temperature burning of five years of growth of bamboo.
Porous structure, have strong adsorption ability, can produce anion and release the far infrared rays to clean the air, eliminate peculiar smell and prevent electromagnetic radiation.
Absorb sweat, promote into the human body blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue.
After the scientific refining and processing, the bamboo charcoal has been widely used in daily life (including diet).
It has nine functions: adsorption, release the far infrared rays, release negative ions, release trace elements, control microbial breeding, adjust crop growth, expel parasite and kill bacteria, resist antioxidant and prevent static and electromagnetic radiation.

Color: Dispatched with Random Color (Default :Red)
Notice: Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting. All pictures are real stock photos.
Can’t be dipped in water or polluted by other liquid.

Package include:
1 x bamboo charcoal wrist pad
1 x Blue Cable tie (with niceEshop logo)

Please note:
1> niceEshop(TM) is a registered trademark and the only authorized seller of niceEshop branded products.
2> niceEshop provide you various kinds of great products at the lowest possible prices , welcome to our store and get what you want !!!
3> niceEshop highly appriciate all customers’ opinions to improve the selling ,also if anything you unsatisfied, pls contact our customer service dapartment for probable best solution.

How to make money selling computers

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